Improving Life One Tree At A Time

There are many charities in the world that you can stand behind, but I believe that it is important that you find those that deliver a very positive message; one that is unique and enriches the lives of those involved. I used to be one of those people who donated money randomly without thinking too much about where it was going. Now I know that giving back does not always have to mean you are a registered charity. I learned that after hearing about a tree trimming service in McKinney, Texas that has a very different approach to things.

Apparently, the company in question takes all of the trees that they remove and offers them to a company that is in the business of making recycled paper with them and having books made. After this is done, they take them and donate to a children’s bookstore that is located in McKinney. This may seem like a small feat, but most tree trimming companies are so concerned with the bottom line that they do not take the time to think about ways that they can give back to the community.

Since I found out about this, I have been talking up the company to everyone that I come across. I want to help them create as many books as possible for children. I know that in this country there are many children who are not educated as well as they should be and it is time that there is something done about this. I have talked to all of my friends and neighbors and we have all agreed that this is the company that we will call if we need a tree removed. It is the least we can do for all of the children that depend on the bookstore for reading material.

Writing Book Reviews

Do you love to read and consider yourself an okay writer? You might be interested in learning how to write book reviews

There is a lot of freelance work doing book reviews and you might be able to make some extra money doing so. Below are some pointers on a basic book review format.

• You need to do some research and read other book reviews. Especially in the genre that you’re interested in reading. Great places to get free book review examples are,

• Look into publications that hire freelance writers. Read their reviews and specific guideline requirements. Some publications have very specific requirements e.g. only accept reviews that are 300 words or less.

• Pick a book in the genre that you want to review. It’s best to stay away from bestsellers since they are usually over reviewed. Try something from and new author or that is not as well known.

• Make sure you take notes while reading your book. You want to take notes about style, the characters and character development, and what you like or dislike about the book. One tip that I regularly use is sticky tabs, I put them inside my books to remember any key points (also I don’t like dog-ears or writing inside my books).

• Practice, practice, practice! Write a practice review. Remember to keep your review all about the book and the author. Don’t use the first person, readers and major publications don’t know who you are and don’t care.

• You want to list all the facts first. The title, author, release date, pages, price the genre of book (paranormal romance, sci-fi) etc…

• You want to grab the reader’s attention may be a good quote from the book. Also, give all information, is this book part of a series? Is it the author’s 1st or 10th book?

• Give a summary of the book, keep it brief about 1-2 paragraphs. Explain what happens without giving away any spoilers. Make sure the reader has a good idea of what the book is about.

• Give your critique. Tell your readers what you thought about the book but not with you as the first person. A good example is: “The author has succeeded in creating a true action-packed adventure that holds your attention until the very end.”

• Review your review, make sure you have no errors through your review and proofread your work, it’s best to have another person read over your work.

• Submit your review. Good Luck.